The Spoodle is possibly now Australia’s most popular small-medium sized dog. We have had great success with these bright, intelligent and friendly dogs.

The miniature Poodle male has been purposely bred to a Cocker spaniel female to produce a Spoodle. This enhances the intelligence of the Cocker spaniel as the mini poodle is highly intelligent. Spoodles suit suburban living as they are lower shed and non-allergenic and also suit the elderly and families.

Our Spoodles are a playful, energetic small to medium sized breed. They average 30-40cm and 8-15kg fully grown and have a range of colours and coat types. Here at Rivergum we only breed F1 first generation Spoodles and find them to have a lovely soft nature with a cheeky and playful streak.

Current Spoodles Litters: