Groodle Litter – First Generation (F1)

Females - First 4
Females - second 4
Males available
Males - 3.5 weeks old age
Girls - 3.5 weeks
Girls - 3.5 weeks

Groodle Litter – First Generation (F1)

Rosie, a golden retriever and Angus, our standard poodle, have welcomed a litter of 12 babies into the world! Rosie is doing a great job with them and they are growing beautifully. Send us through an enquiry today if you are keen on securing one of these Groodle pups.


  • Breed : Groodle
  • Sire : Angus
  • Available : 25th April 2024
  • Price : $4000
  • Size of litter : 12
  • Females: 8 - (7 available)
  • Males: 4 - (2 available)
  • Note : Angus aka Gus has been DNA tested and is clear of any 'at risk' or 'carrier' genes. He is also hip and elbow scored with fantastic results. Enquire today about this gorgeous litter!

Learn about the Groodles

We at Rivergum were one of the first to breed the Groodle, which has now become one of the most sought after breeds due to their lovely nature, whilst being a larger sized dog. The Groodle has a softer, quieter nature which appeals to families, kids and singles alike and they are very much a […]

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