Our largest miniature poodle. Snoopy is a playful and cheeky little dog with a big personality. His favourite thing is cuddles and will happily jump into anyone’s arms. He is the sire of our Spoodles and lovely honey coloured dog.


  • Breed : Miniature Poodle
  • Size : Medium
  • Weight : 12 kg
  • Snoopy is a honey coloured mini and is the largest of our 3 miniature poodles. He has also been DNA tested and is clear of any hereditary diseases.

Learn about the Spoodles

The Spoodle is possibly now Australia’s most popular small-medium sized dog. We have had great success with these bright, intelligent and friendly dogs. The miniature Poodle male has been purposely bred to a Cocker spaniel female to produce a Spoodle. This enhances the intelligence of the Cocker spaniel as the mini poodle is highly intelligent. […]

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